What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique by which realistic look of eyebrows is created. By using a slim blade, pigment is applied under the basal membrane, which separates the epidermis from dermis. Each stroke is created on the place where hair is missing. The color of the microbladed eyebrows is harmonized with the hair, skin and facial structure of the client, all of which contribute to a 100% natural eyebrow look. It’s completely natural and the difference between natural eyebrow hairs and produced strokes is almost indistinguishable. Created strokes don’t diffuse under the skin, they stay in the form of a hair, and that’s what makes this method unique.

Benefits of Microblading

  • Create bespoke Eyebrows & Eyebrow Colours
  • Hairs appear darker and thicker
  • Does not smudge or smear off for those with an active lifestyle
  • Gives those with skin disorders like alopecia or hair loss secondary to chemo a natural looking brow
  • Long lasting (1-2 years)
  • Sessions only take 1-2 hours
  • Extremely cost effective & profitable treatment for your business

What is included in the Microblading Course?

✔ Fully Accredited by ABT and insurable through many providers across UK and Ireland

✔ 2 days introduction to Microblading with a 6 month development and support programme to enhance your skills and build your confidence

✔ Learn with two International Academy-S Master’s

✔ Pre-Study and full theoretical training manual 

✔ Hands-on Live Model on the course

✔ A HUGE Academy-S Professional Kit (Up to 80 treatments)

✔ The most realistic and modern techniques and many stroke patterns to suit all clients

✔ How to use the Micro-Shading tool to create Ombrè or Combination Brows

✔ Six Months with daily support from your Master with access to videos and educational m


✔ Six Months to develop your skills to become an internationally recognised elite microblading professional and certified Academy-S Artist 

✔ Photography and Social Media advice to grab your audience and increase revenue✔ The most advanced techniques and highest quality products to blow your clients and competitors away!

Why Should You Learn with Rebecca and Joanne?

Rebecca is one of the founding Microblading Masters of Academy-S who has helped shape the training modules you will learn. Joanne Woods joins Rebecca as Ireland’s first and only Academy-S Master. Joanne is a Certified Level 6 Adult & Further Education Teacher having successfully completed her Teacher Training at Bronwyn Conroy. Rebecca and Joanne have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge that they willingly share with their students.

With successful clinics in both England and Ireland, this is a unique opportunity to learn with two international leading Masters of their craft. Learn beyond the course syllabus and use their expertise to help shape your new career.  Rebecca’s unique Microblading Techniques have been adopted by Academy-S as one of their signature learning methods with Academy-S Artists worldwide. 

Why choose Bronwyn Conroy & Academy-S for your Microblading Training?

Academy-S combines the structure and techniques of more traditional training courses with a patented ‘Freestyle’ learning approach. You will not only learn the basics, but also a wide range of skills and techniques to help you stand head and shoulders above the rest. When completing an Academy-S course, we are confident that you will have all the tools necessary to provide your future clients with long lasting, realistic looking eyebrows, giving them the shape, density and fullness they desire.

Academy-S was founded by Sviatoslav Ostenasch which has been recognised as the international market leader in PMU (Permanent Make-up) since its inception.  As the number of options to potential Microblading students has increased in recent years, Academy-S is the first to offer a unique, forward-thinking course, designed with long term success in mind.

What will you get from this unique and fresh Microblading Course?

Your time with Joanne and Rebecca does not end after your two day course. This is just the beginning. You will have access to daily 1 to 1 support from your Masters, comprehensive online learning and tutorials as well as in depth critique of your work as you progress through the Microblading Course. Over a period of six months, you will continue to improve and develop advanced techniques thanks to the exclusive support of your Masters.

Above everything else, Joanne and Rebecca are committed to ensuring that you have all the skills you need to turn Microblading into the career you always wanted. Through hard work and determination, they have made this a reality for themselves and are eager to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of Microblading artists.

Microblading can be a rewarding career, both personally and financially. Rebecca and Joanne have built their reputations on hard work and dedication and as such, find themselves in high demand. If you are prepared to work hard and learn beyond the basics, then Academy-S Microblading UK & Ireland is the perfect course for you


  • Academy-S Microblading Certificate (accredited by ABT)
  • Bronwyn Conroy Certificate Of Achievement

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