Who is this course suitable for

This course is ideal for a level 3 Beauty Therapist or a medical practitioner that would like to further their skills and knowledge as they move into Advanced Aesthetic treatments. Bridging the gap between the Beauty and Aesthetic Industries. An ideal course to expand your skill set and see if a career in The Aesthetics Industry is right for you.

Course Content

This course is the bridge between Beauty/Nursing and Aesthetic Treatments.

It will combine, classroom Theory, home research and study, Laboratory style experiment’s, report writing, case study work, assignments and finally a practical and a theory exam.

The Focus of the Course is to enhance the knowledge and learning that Therapists may already have to allow them progress to more advanced skin analysis combined with ingredient knowledge and expertise to design a full skin care treatment programme for any client.

With the addition of the Level 4 Advanced Knowledge based moduels, it now also includes modules on legislation, principles and Practice of all non-medical Aesthetic Treatments and advanced skin care consultation techniques.

We have combined 2 of the ITEC level 3 & 4  Theory based Advanced Skin Care modules to offer the most advanced study of the  skin  combined with product ingredients that is currently on offer to Aesthetic students.

The syllabus will include:

  • Dermatology and microbiology – to include anatomical structures of the skin, nails and hair, functions of the skin, nails and hair, changes in the skin associated with ageing, skin types, signs and causes of infectious and non-infectious diseases and disorders, culturing of bacteria
  • Physiology of ageing – to include the characteristics and nature of ageing, the causes and effects of ageing of the skin, degenerative disorders of the skin, how Beauty Therapy treatments and products may delay the ageing process
  • The chemistry of hair and beauty products – to include ingredients, effects and safe use, packaging materials and the properties and effects of ultraviolet radiation on hair and beauty products.

Advanced Skin Consultation

  • Unit 1: Principles & practices of non-medical aesthetic therapies
  • Understand the developments of non-medical aesthetic therapies
  • Treatments within level 4 remit – medical & non medical procedures
  • Commonly available non-medical aesthetic therapies
  • Importance of professional conduct in non-medical aesthetic therapies
  • Know the Key regulations, legislative influences & responsibilities relating to non-medical aesthetic therapies
  • Unit 2: Advanced Consultation for non-medical aesthetic therapies
  • Methods of communication when dealing with clients and colleagues
  • Understanding methods and processes for gaining information
  • Know the importance of carrying out a through consultation
  • Understanding the legal requirements for completing consultation
  • Know the information required when completing a consultation
  • Information which must be given to the client prior to advanced aesthetic therapies
  • Physiological factors which may influence advanced aesthetic procedures
  • Know the requirements for recording procedures
  • Unit 3 Advanced Skincare for non-medical aesthetic therapies
  • Understand the physiology of skin
  • Effects of nutrition, illness and medication on skin health
  • Benefits & limitations of treatments and products considered to delay ageing process
  • Pathological conditions of the skin which may occur as a result of ageing
  • How ageing effects the repair mechanism of the skin
  • Understanding and explaining Advanced skin assessment
  • How to prepare advanced skin assessment
  • Provide advanced skin assessment
  • Unit 4: Advanced Skin Conditions & how to treat
  • Anatomy & Physiology of the skin
  • We show students how to analyse skin precisely and scientifically, this includes:
  • The anatomy and histology of skin
  • A layer by layer analysis of the epidermis
  • Structural changes associated with eczema, dry skin and psoriasis
  • The importance of DEJ (dermal epidermal junction) in skin ageing

Skin Conditions

  • Cause and effects of ageing on the body systems
  • Understanding photo-aging and pigmentation
  • The real cause of rosacea and how to treat it
  • Acne- how it develops and how to treat
  • Hormonal influence on skin health and condition with a focus on puberty, pregnancy and menopause
  • Sensitive/sensitised skin
  • Advanced active ingredients
  • Science behind cosmeceuticals ingredients
  • Index of active ingredients

Combination Therapy

  • Advanced skin treatments best results on which skin conditions
  • How best to combine advanced skin treatments in one treatment
  • Incorporating diet in your clients treatment


5 Assignments to be completed

Case Studies

Practical Exam and Theory Papers


12 – 14  Days College Attendance Tuesdays 10 – 4

Home research and study is critical to success at this Level

Fees €2445.00 with Image Funding reduced to 1956.00

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