​Bronwyn Conroy Aromatherapy Course ITEC 3

Aromatherapy is the modern name given to the use of pure essential oils to promote health and counteract disease.
Bronwyn Conroy International Beauty School Aromatherapy Course teaches detailed information on 42 essential oils including synergistic blending for individual conditions. Massage movements are specially designed to improve circulation and lymph flow. The aromatherapy massage is applied to the full body, face and scalp. Techniques include lymph drainage, neuromuscular massage and acupressure points.
Aromatherapy ITEC 3 successful participants of Bronwyn Conroy Aromatherapy Course are qualified to carry out an aromatherapy treatment and to evolve and blend appropriate essential oils for specific needs and conditions; understand the concepts inherent in complementary therapies and be able to carry out a consultation and aromatherapy massage. Once qualified, Aromatherapists can find employment within the beauty or complementary industries or health sector and/or opt to work for themselves. Participants may decide to study other therapies to complement their Bronwyn Conroy Aromatherapy Diploma or specialise in one aspect of Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Course content modules

  1. The History of Aromatherapy from ancient to modern times
  2. The concept of Holistic treatments
  3. The detailed study of over 40 Essential oils
  4. Taxonomy and Plant Nomenclature
  5. Refined oils or carriers
  6. Blending essential oils in carriers e.g. vegetable oil, creams, butters, balms or ointments
  7. Safety and chemistry of essential oils
  8. Hydrolats (Flower waters) & their use in Aromatherapy
  9. The completion of a full body Aromatherapy massage
  10. The completion of case studies

Aromatherapy Course Assessment
1 practical exam
3 theory papers – Aromatherapy, Anatomy & Physiology and Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

Qualification from Bronwyn Conroy International Beauty School

  • ITEC Level Three: Diploma in Aromatherapy

Course Date & Time

  • 1 evening per week for 26 weeks

Payment Plan

PHONE today to book your place on the Aromatherapy Course with Bronwyn Conroy: (00353) 1 2107848