All beauty experts and enthusiasts realise that, just because winter is almost upon us, this doesn’t mean we should forget about our hardworking skin or become lazy about our normal beauty routines. In fact, the onset (or the onslaught!) of winter should encourage us to make that extra effort and ensure our bodies are winter ready!

After all, even though we may muffle up in winter woolies with heavy trousers, jumpers (having a “new” moment) scarves, gloves and coats, it’s no excuse for the terrible neglect we may inflict upon the Body Beautiful. Remember, the biggest party season of the year is nigh and Christmas festivites are already in our diaries, so get ready to party and make sure your body is winter ready!

Skin exfoliation should never be abandoned and the natural follow-up is waxing or hair removal – sheer tights can be thrown to the wind as bare legs may just have another comeback for Christmas –  “Car to Bar” strappy sandals and super stilettos are always in fashion for trendy parties.

Thereafter, a Spray Tan must be on the agenda as no self-respecting party goer appears with porridge-like skin! A good body tan, completely achievable with the fabulous spray tanning method, ensures not only even coverage, but allows for depth of colour that doesn’t look false and avoids the dreaded fake orange glow!

Naturally, pedicures are the next step (pardon the awful pun!) and guarantee your little tootsies look heavenly and are ready to withstand (that terrible pun again…) long nights of dancing and looking fab. Manicures are equally important as hands must be in perfect condition to carry off that stunning nail art you always promised yourself! A qualified Nail Technician will shape up your nails to look amazing. Choose from any number of brilliant nail techniques to show off your pretty nails.

A Bronwyn Conroy Beauty Course is an ideal way to get in the mood for getting our bodies ready for winter – enjoy tuition from fully trained teachers and relax in the College Salon environment to take full advantage of the range of great products and treatments on offer. Get a winter warmer at Bronwyn Conroy International Beauty School.