Welcome to the Bronwyn Conroy Advanced Skin Clinic.

We offer a wide range of professional services from regular Facials, to Facial Electrics, Micro-Needling & Peels, at a fraction of the cost of a high street salon. We use professional brands such as Dermalogica, Environ, Dermaceutic.

Our clients have an option of receiving a treatment from one of our trainee therapists under the supervision of a senior therapist, or from a qualified therapist who has completed and passed all exams. Prices for both therapists can be seen on our treatment pricelist.

The Beauty Salon & Advanced Skincare Clinic- Open Monday Mornings 9.30am-1pm 

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Patch test is required for any peel treatment in our Advanced Skin Clinic 48 hours prior to treatment.


Dermalogica Facial:  Qualified Therapist: €35.  Trainee Therapist: €25.

Duration: 60 mins. This is a deep cleansing facial for all skin types and is tailored to your skins’ needs. This treatment will help correct any problems you may have with your skin and will support and maintain healthy skin. The treatment includes skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, luxurious face, neck and shoulder massage, mask, toning, moisturising and after care advice.

Advanced Dermalogica Facials with Facial Electrics Machines.

Non-Surgical Facelift: Qualified Therapist: €45.  Trainee Therapist: €35.

Duration: 60 mins.

Known as non-surgical facelift it firms, tones & tightens the facial features. Suitable for all ages, particularly mature & tired skins, it stimulates collagen production and brings about a fresher more youthful appearance.

Detoxifying Facial: Qualified Therapist: €45.  Trainee Therapist: €35.

Duration: 60 mins.

Vacuum Suction is aimed primarily at oily skin as it deep cleanses, removes toxins, reduces puffiness and unblocks pores. It will also improve blood flow, reduce puffiness and help dull skin look brighter.

Rebalancing Facial HF: Qualified Therapist: €45.  Trainee Therapist: €35.

Duration: 60 mins.

This treatment is for those with oily skin and prone to breakouts & blemishes. The machine places an antibacterial layer on the skin which will help reduce pores & blackheads and dry up excess oil. It is also very good for reducing fine lines & wrinkles.

Toning Facial: Qualified Therapist: €45.  Trainee Therapist: €35

Duration: 60 mins.

For those who wish to tighten & tone the facial muscles this machine contracts & relaxes the facial muscles to help firm & tone, improve circulation & give a youthful appearance.

Deep Hydrating Facial: Qualified Therapist: €45.  Trainee Therapist: €35

Duration: 60 mins.

Aimed at very dehydrated & dry skin this machine stimulates circulation, brings fresh oxygen to the skin, hydrates & rejuvenates, whilst also giving a tightening & toning effect.


LED Light €15.00 per treatmnet.

Duration: 20mins

LED light treatment is an excellent therapy to rejuvenate and sooth the skin, reduce redness & inflammation, treat acne breakouts & rosacea, as well as working on fine lines & wrinkles. This treatment is deeply relaxing and non-invasive.

Dermalogica Peel  Qualified Therapist: €60.00  Trainee Therapist: €35.00

Duration: 1 hour

Our Dermalogica peels remove dry, dull debris and reveal the softer, smoother skin underneath. It can also help reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines, and even reduce the appearance of breakouts.

Micro-Needling Qualified Therapist: €95.00

Duration: 60 mins.

Micro Needling consists of the therapist gently making lots of microscopic needle incisions in the upper layer of the skin. This promotes the skin to manufacture new collagen & elastin so your skin repairs itself naturally. This treatment is highly recommended for people with skin scarring such as old acne scars, chicken pox, post-surgery scars. It is also excellent to treat lines & wrinkles and work on skin tone & elasticity.



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