Core of Knowledge

The Core of Knowledge is regarded as the minimum training requirement for those operating lasers and IPL systems.

Courses are deigned to accommodate Delegates from different backgrounds, whether that be someone looking at Laser & IPL as a possible direction for their business, or an experienced practitioners looking to sharpen their skills and knowledge.

This one-day training course is highly recommended for all those interested in the science of Laser & IPL, and will guarantee to improve your understanding and confidence in attaining effective treatment results.

Syllabus will include:

  • Features of light from lasers and IPL.
  • Understand how the different types of optical radiation are produced.
  • Understand the characteristics of optical radiation emitted from different types of equipment.          
  • The interactions of lasers and light sources with the skin and eyes.
  • Become familiar with the intended purpose of the optical radiation equipment.
  • Equipment related hazards from laser/IPL sources.
  • Safety procedures, policies and safety management.
  • Introduction to risk assessment and minimizing risks.

​Our course will also offer each delegate the opportunity to view and handle a Laser under direct Supervision of our Tutor.

Course Dates:- 1 Day course in October 
Course fee €195.00

Check for availability call  01 210 7848