Nail Technician Courses

Have you always been interested in nails.                                          

Are you interested in nails as a hobby or want to

start your own small business?Or are you already

in the beauty industry and interested in

studying one of the most comprehensive

Nail Technician Diploma Courses available?

Whatever level of knowledge you possess about nails and nail services, our Bronwyn Conroy Level 3 ITEC Certified Course will ensure that you are ready to embark on a career as a Nail Technician and confidently perform all nail treatments as part of your Beauty repertoire

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Make-Up Courses

Our 16 Week Makeup & Skincare Course is an Intensive Course providing not only a comprehensive qualification in Make-Up but also covers Skincare. We feel it is essential to understand the fundamentals of The Skin and Skin Types in order to create a successful Make-Up look.

You will not only learn how to achieve all the classic looks but every week is a new look and challenge. Our Tutors are all Top MUA working for leading Brands in the Industry and the course is accredited by ITEC.

The Course includes a Make-Up Kit, Skincare Kit and Brush Set. You finish with notes from your 16-week experience, a Bronwyn Conroy Certificate of Achievement, ITEC Accreditation both of which are recognized throughout the beauty industry and and exclusive free gift.

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Microblading Courses

Bronwyn Conroy are proud to offer Ecuri Microblading Training for experienced Micropigmentation specialists, Beauty Therapists and Nurses.

The Ecuri Hair Stroke Razor Technique also referred to as Microblading, Brow Micropigmentation and Eyebrow Embroidery is the latest method for filling in eyebrows. Ecuri Cosmetics has developed an ingenious razor that creates beautiful brows in an instant. The hairs it creates are fine, razor sharp and no one can tell them apart from the real thing.

Our Course Includes a Full Kit plus Online-Learning which is required in advance of starting the course.

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