Anatomy & Physiology


This is a comprehensive Diploma Level 3 Theory Qualification which includes Full Body Anatomy and Physiology . This level of Knowledge is  now compulsory from both an Insurance perspective and also to allow Therapists to move to the study of more advanced Facial and Body Treatments.  In our opinion it should be part of the foundation course for both Beauty and Aesthetics.  It is now automatically included in all of our Beginner Courses. We can offer the course both on-line and in a classroom environment.

Some of the Learning Outcomes and knowledge acquired include:

  • Understand the Full Skeletal and Muscular Systems
  • Understand the cell and the skin
  • Understand the Circulatory & Lymphatic Systems
  • Understand the diseases and disorder of both
  • Understand and explain structure and function of the nervous system
  • Study the Endocrine and Respiratory Systems
  • Study the Digestive and Urinary and Reproductive Systems

A text book will be provided as well as course notes and hand-outs  At home study will be required to compliment all class-room learning.  This is a level 3 Diploma Course and will be examined with a full Theory Paper

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Nail Technician Courses

Have you always been interested in nails.                                          

Are you interested in nails as a hobby or want to

start your own small business?Or are you already

in the beauty industry and interested in

studying one of the most comprehensive

Nail Technician Diploma Courses available?

Whatever level of knowledge you possess about nails and nail services, our Bronwyn Conroy Level 3 ITEC Certified Course will ensure that you are ready to embark on a career as a Nail Technician and confidently perform all nail treatments as part of your Beauty repertoire

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Nail & Waxing Course

Our 16 Week  ITEC Nails & Waxing Course is an Intensive Course combining the full range of skills and knowledge for the Learner  looking to become a Waxing & Nail Specialist.

Course Content

Why not add this module to your skincare Studies which would allow you to take the ITEC beauty Specialist Diploma level 2 exam,  talk with the School for futher details.

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