Course Description

Throughout this qualification, learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of relevant
anatomy and physiology and health and safety pertaining to level 4 aesthetic therapies. They will
also develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to consult with and analyse clients whilst
providing skin needling treatments. In parallel, learners will develop their communication and
customer service skills and widen their knowledge of the principles and practices of level 4 aesthetic
therapies, all of which are valued highly by Aesthetic employers.

Course Content

Learners must achieve all mandatory units which include:
 Principles and practice of non-medical aesthetic therapies
 Advanced consultation for non-medical aesthetic therapies
 Advanced skin care for non-medical aesthetic therapies
 Provide cosmetic skin needling treatments

Entry Requirements

  • Qualified Level 3 Beauty  or Skincare Therapists
  • Medical Practitioners at Level 3 or above

Assessment Criteria

  • all mandatory units
  • all assignments/projects
  • all clinical case studies
  • external theory examination
  • external practical examination