ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

 ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

Especially suited to qualified Beauty Therapists, Hairdressers, Barbers, Nail Technicians, Make-up Artists and Qualified Beauticians who wish to start to move to a career as a Tutor or Beauty Teacher

This ITEC Accredited Teaching Qualification is recognized Internationally all over the world.  IT will allow you to travel and to combine teaching with your current career or indeed start a new career! The field of Teaching and assessing are changing constantly and more and more opportunities are presenting themselves for qualified professionals within the Hair & Beauty Industry.  Why not prepare now, be ready for the demand or when you decide to make that change!
To work as a Trainer in any Private College
To work as a Trainer for a brand or distributor
To teach adult learners
To work overseas in educational Schools and Colleges
To work for Colour/Cosmetic companies delivering training to salon in a Training capacity
Bronwyn Conroy Methodology
To become a Teacher in 6 Sunday’s in our opinion is simply not possible, to this end we have now extended our Course to 8 Sundays as well as a oompulsory 30 hours of observation and teaching practice in our School. We also feel it is important to point out that each Sunday’s that you are with our Tutor and the group offers a considerable learning opportunity and we are now applying a 90% attendance obligation on behalf of each student. You will be required to observe as much teaching as you possible can.  We can offer 3 hours a week for a period of 6 weeks for each student, however we would suggest that you also obtain hours in a School or College local to you.

Each assignment will require research, study and detailed work to be completed on your own.  The Tutor is there as a guide and will assess your work, but unlike Beauty, Hair or make-up school, you do the work, you do the research and you complete the assignments.
We also need to see you teach, once again we can offer an opportunity for each student to deliver a 1 hour teaching module in our School. If you arrange further opportunities this will only help to improve your confidence and skills.  Our goal is to ensure that when you leave our School, you have the skills to “continue to  become” a wonderful Tutor” with practice and time.

Entry Requirements
You must have completed a leaving cert or similar exam process.  You can also be allowed to RPL, Recognition of prior learning should you have acquired qualifications in a different method.  You will need to be qualified and practicing for a minimum of 3 years.
You must be interviewed by telephone or in person to ensure that you are fully aware of what is involved and fully committed to complete the course.

ITEC Guidelines
The main aim of the ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training is to prepare Trainee Teachers to teach in a wide range of contexts. It requires observation and assessment of practice.

This Level 4 UK Teaching Certificate aligns to Level 6 on the Irish QQI framework of qualifications.

The programme runs one day per month for six months. Classes are from 10am until 4 pm.
It is comprised of 5 mandatory units (21 credits) and 15 credits from Level 3, 4 and 5 optional units.
Total credit value = 36

ITEC Unit Number                                               Mandatory Units
3001                                 Understand Roles Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training
3020                                 Planning to Meet the Needs of Learners in Education and Training
3021                                 Delivering Education and Training
3022                                 Assessing Learners in Education and Training
3023                                 Using Resources for Education and Training

                                                                                  Optional Units

3012                                Identify Individual Learning and Development Needs – Level  3 / 3 credits
3029                                Equality and Diversity – Level  4 / 6 credits
3053                                Understanding and Managing Behaviors in a Learning Environment – Level  5 / 6 credits

98 Sundays 10 – 4, Plus Teaching Observation and Teaching Practice,
This is a  Requirement from the Bronwyn Conrory Beauty School
€1795.00 plus €220.00 for ITEC
Deposit €500.00
March 12
April 9
May 7
Sept 3 & 24
Oct 22