Lava Shells

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School have been selected as the first Lava Shell Ambassador College in Ireland. We will be offering students on selected courses the Lava Shell qualification as part of the core training programme as well as post graduate courses being facilitated by the school.

Our Principal Anna Keely, had this to say:

“We are so excited to announce the addition of Lava Shell training to our syllabus. As Ireland’s longest established private Beauty College our mission is to continue to lead the way with new and innovative treatment training.  In our opinion Lava Shells is a treatment which has to be experienced to be believed and will offer any qualified therapist the opportunity to give their clients something really special”

What are Lava Shells?

Lava Shells are Tiger Striped Clam Shells from the South Pacific. When filled with a combination of natural minerals and salt water they heat up, allowing the therapist to deliver a seamless and effective massage. It is an amazing experience which can be tailored specifically to a client’s particular needs. Lava Shells offer deeply therapeutic treatments for the salon and spa using both heat and ice. ​It’s a must have for all Beauty Therapists looking to work in Elite salons worldwide!

The different type of Lava Shells are:

  • Lava Shells – Wonderful for relaxation
  • Lava Rescue – Great for muscle aches
  • Glacial Shells Detox – A must for detoxifying
  • Lava Shell Sports – Perfect for Injury
  • Lava Shell Warming Back Massage – Fantastic for soothing aches
  • Lava Shell recovery for Men Deep Heat – terrific for tension
  • Lava shell recovery for Men Deep Heat and Ice Massage – Essential for Healing 

Why choose Lava Shells?

Well it has been dubbed the “New Hot Stones” by Vogue Magazine as well as getting Sir Richard Brandon’s seal of approval.

(Fun Fact: Richard Branson was so impressed with Lava Shells he included the treatments in his spa on Necker Island!)

Lava Shells are the world’s first self-heating massage tool, a patented, biodegradable heat technology is incorporated into the Lava Shell which then emits heat for over an hour. The natural exothermic reaction is what keeps the stones hot and a lot longer than stones. Marine polished sea shells or handcrafted porcelain shells glide smoothly over your body providing a seamless massage of heat and touch. The heat allows the therapist to perform a deeper massage and effectively penetrate layers of tension. Glacial Shells are also offered to deliver an ice treatment to compliment the Lava Shells.

Lava Shells are portable, non-porous and Eco-friendly. They can be used to treat a number of concerns from easing aching muscles to alleviating symptoms of IBS. Lava Shells have a unique shape they become an extension of the therapist’s hands, deploying deeply therapeutic relief to where it is needed.

Course 1:Sat 25th February –  Lava Shell Thermal Facial Course 
Course 2: Sun 26th February – Lava Shell Body Massage Course
10am until 4pm models not required as group work on each other
Beauty certificates required prior to commencing training

Lava Shell Therma Facial Course
This course is open to Beauticians

€395.00 Euro which includes: 
1 Therapist trained in Lava Shell Therma Facial
2 Medium Porcelain Lava Shells 
Box of 18 Mild Heat charges ( will allow for 9 Facial Treatments or similar)

Course 2
Lava Shell Relax Body Massage Course 
Sunday 26th February – A qualification in  massage or A&P is required to attend this course

€450.00 Euro which Includes 
1 Therapist trained in Lava Shell Relax Massage 
3 Medium Porcelain Lava Shells 
Box of 36 High Heat charges ( will allow for 18 Full Body or Back Massages)
1 Bottle of Pure Coconut Oil (250g)

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