Answer: it’s simple: a good therapist combines a great attitude with an unrivalled dedication to a highly skilled trade. It’s an individual who demands a challenge, pushes their comfort zone and wishes to evolve regularly during a life-long career. A person who seeks to empower others while respecting the intimate nature of their role. Good therapists have the ability to relate to people and adapt to all circumstances and clients they greet.

I have met award-winning massage therapists with unbelievable hand fluidity, pressure and manipulation techniques, with the ability to soothe me into a deep rested sleep as though being sung a lullaby as an infant – yet they lack the customer service, eye contact or the ability to empathise or relate to their clients. They can’t read body language that indicates the client is in pain, thirsty or even just wishes to stay quiet or chat throughout their treatment.

A successful therapist will have the ability to assign all of their energy and time to this one client for the duration of their given time – no distractions!

Many believe therapists have a glamorous and easy job until they sign up and realise that although this is a limitless and ever-evolving job with endless opportunities, it also involves dedication, passion and attention to detail in both the practical elements and in the theory room!

Many therapists are naturally suited more to the practical elements than the theory – understandably thinking it is a lifetime of “doing” as opposed to reading. But in order to DO the facial, massage, laser, waxing, manicure or makeup application, you need to appreciate the muscle you are manoeuvring, the layer of the skin you are affecting, the chromosphere you’re targeting, the reasoning why that colour is required in order to camouflage, or the contraindication to the nail disease before you contaminate your costly equipment. Theory is the art of professionalism.

In essence, a therapist is a well-rounded high achiever who understands and celebrates that this industry is a self-motivating, gritty yet highly rewarding career choice.

A successful therapist may become a principal, a lecturer, a business owner, a brand creator, a cruise ship therapist, a specialised waxer… the outcome is dependent solely on the individual. You really get out what you put in and I for one am proud to be a part of one of the most profitable industries of 2017.


Jennifer Rock, The Skin Nerd