MASA – Makeup Standards Authority 


We have been using make-up to decorate our faces for over 5,000 years. From the ancient Sumerians who wore crushed gemstones on the lips, to the Egyptians and their use of kohl to define and shape the eyes, make-up has always played a vital role in self expression and self esteem.

At the Bronwyn Conroy International Beauty School, fast forward to 2016 as we know make-up is now more popular than ever! Instagram and other social media platforms enable artists to reach a wider audience than ever and the art of make-up in film and TV has been rewarded many times with Oscars and Emmys.

Bronwyn Conroy has always been to the fore when providing the highest quality beauty education, researching and selecting only the very best accredited courses for our students, whilst remaining dedicated to ongoing success. Bronwyn Conroy International Beauty School is the best. After all, Bronwyn Conroy is synonomous with beauty care and beauty courses.

Bronwyn Conroy is thrilled to team up with MASA, the Makeup Art Standards Authority, offering a course that provides the best possible standards and practices in make-up education. Placing a particular emphasis on current industry techniques, it ensures the education you receive is relevant to the industry today. Many make-up courses promise to teach this way, but often students are disappointed by outdated techniques and courses that may not be recognised by employers and insurers. The MASA courses at Bronwyn Conroy International Beauty School are fully accredited by VTCT, an international organisation which has awarded world class qualifications since 1962.

The Bronwyn Conroy team of make-up Tutors have many years of experience in make-up for commercials, tv and feature films as well as running their own make-up freelance business for bridal and evening markets. Our Tutors guide our students on those important first steps in their make-up career.

The Bronwyn Conroy mission is to provide the best possible teaching standards in make-up artistry for students to become successful make-up professionals and this comes from a collaboration of educational structure, expert advice and tuition from current leading make-up artists and industry professionals.

At Bronwyn Conroy International Beauty School our aim is to be the world’s leading educational body for make-up artistry, with MASA graduates being the most sought after in the industry. Above all,  MASA & Bronwyn Conroy want artists to achieve their dreams.

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