Picture.MASA – Currenly on offer in the London School of Beauty & Make-up. We are delighted to work closely with our colleagues in this wonderful School and visit on a regular basis to share ideas and ensure that our team are right up-to-date with any new initiatives within the Industry and also updates to the course  The most recent addition to this course is the agreement signed wih VTCT to approve the course material. VTCT are recognised on the Irish Framework as well as widely used in the North of Ireland and the UK. The London School have been teaching this course since March 2015 and have witnessed the successes of the students who work through the 3 modules and start to work within the industry.

The AWARD is a foundation course into the basic beauty principles of make-up artistry, and is ideal for beginners. The course is accredited by MASA (Make-up Art Standards Authority) and learners will receive a MASA Award in Make-up Principles upon successful completion of this course.as well as the Bronwyn Conroy  International Beauty School and the VTCT accreditation.  This is a make-up course written by makeup Artists who understand what is required to work within the Industry.  It is foccused on real practical work and not what is needed to ” fullfill” the exam protocols, it is real-life make up to allow our students to be fully prepared to work in this amazing industry.

Course Syllabus

  • Practical & Theoretical Workshops consisting of written material and interactive visual demonstrations
  • Skin Science
  • Facial Architecture & Contouring, understanding how to highlight and shade to redefine the structure of the face
  • Colour Theory to gain a full understanding of the colour wheel and colour combinations
  • Product Performance & Placement to understanding how to enhance natural beauty; products to include foundation, concealer, powder, blusher, eyebrow products, eye shadows, eye liners, mascara, lash enhancements and lip products
  • Corrective Techniques
  • Bridal Make-up Artistry; an in-depth understanding of bridal make-up techniques and business knowledge
  • Hygiene & Health
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Industry Codes of Conduct
  • Client Consultation & Psychology
  • Face Chart Design & Elements of Inspiration

Qualification(s) gained

  • MASA Award in Make-up Principles
  • Bronwyn Conroy Certificate
  • VTCT Accreditation


  • The minimum age for entry to this course is 18 years – no exceptions.
  • No previous make-up training is required.
  • All students must be able to communicate in English (talk, write and understand).

Pricing Structure

Mandatory Materials The following items are required on this course and included in the total course cost.
Course Fee €995.00
MASA Award Registration Fee
MASA Colour Wheel & Face Chart Pad  €300.00
Total Cost €1295.00
VTCT Accreditation €150.00
Deposit 345.00
​110.00 weekly payment

Course Dates:   10 Weeks
Mon               10.00 hrs – 16.00 hrs January 2017
Mon & Wed   17.30 hrs – 21.00 hrs January 2017
Sat                10.00 hrs – 16.00 hrs January  2017
Mon               10.00 hrs – 16.00 hrs  March , 2017

Optional Materials
The following items are not included in the course fee, however, they are highly recommended for this course.
Make-up Kit €150.00
Pro Brush Cleanser €15.00
Set of 15 Makeup Brushes €150.00

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