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The CIBTAC modules and the subjects covered in 
each are as follows:

Beautician Module
Skin Care/Analysis
Lash and Brow treatments
Electrical Treatments to the face and neck
Face, neck and shoulder Massage
Face Masks
Make-Up Techniques
Nail Treatments
Waxing Treatments
Product Knowledge/Cosmetic Science

Electrical Epilation Module
Hair Anatomy
Endocrine System
Vascular System
Causes of Superfluous Hair
Methods of Temporary Hair Removal
Consultation and Contra Indications
Needles & Equipment
Technique of Electrical Epilation
Aftercare and Home Care

Body Therapy Module
Skeletal System
Muscular System
Vascular System    
Digestive System
Respiratory System
Excretory/Urinary System
Endocrine System
Neurological System
Accessory Organs
Consultation/Assessment/Figure Diagnosis
Body Massage
Electrical Treatments
Aftercare/Home Care

Students also cover the following generic subjects:
Anatomy & Physiology of the Head, Face, Neck, Hands and Feet
Skin Structures and Function
Skin Diseases
Health & Hygiene
Business Studies
Salon Procedures

The CIDESCO module of the course incorporates a facial, body and written examination.  Students must also produce a thesis and demonstrate an Additional Subject.  The areas covered in each examination are as follows:

Facial Examination
Skin Analysis
Lash and Brow Treatments
Deep Cleansing
Electrical Equipment
Facial Massage
Mask Treatment

Body Examination
Body Analysis
Manual Massage
Depilation – waxing with hot and warm wax

Written Examination
This examination consists of multiple choice questions from all parts of the CIDESCO Theoretical Training Programme as follows:
Natural Science
Anatomy & Physiology
The Skin
Cosmetic Science
Aesthetic Treatments
Business Studies

Project/Case Studies
CIDESCO have changed their exam format from 2017 and the student is now required to research a subject from their studies and conduct 4 treatments on 3 different clients to measure and demonstrate the results.  A final course Essay of between 2500 and 4000 words will complete the final part of the CIDESCO exam t