Vitamin D and Your Skin Health

Vitamin D – What Is It Good For?


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is much in demand by many on this island, thanks to our delightful sunny weather – or lack thereof! It is essential for the body to boost immunity and promote bone and heart health.

Think of that summer holiday glow (not TAN!), the radiance and sheen that the skin is given in the summer, the healing abilities the rays offer skin suffering from psoriasis, and the boost the sun gives hair growth and nail stimulation. Those are some examples that may have easily experienced yourself. It’s easy to see the immediate benefits of how Vitamin D is beneficial for you! In fact, it can specifically benefit the skin in many ways:

• Skin renewal
• Skin pigment
• Skin health
• Skin DNA repair
• Skin volume

But What About In a Skincare Product?

I know that after a long, dark winter and a fairly erratic spring, a serum laced with what’s known as the “sunshine vitamin” seems promising! But is it just a gimmick? According to many experts – not so much.

You probably know already that your body naturally produces Vitamin D when skin is exposed to UVB rays (rays present only during April-September due to our geographical location in Ireland) and that, alternatively, you can ingest it via oral supplements or foods such as milk, fortified orange juice, and essential fatty fish. The ingredient’s topical benefits in skin care, however, are a more recent discovery.

Vitamin D Sources
Vitamin D in Your Diet

Although not clinically proven, it’s an interesting concept indeed! Many dermatologists are championing Vitamin D2 (D3 is the form that works internally) as a new way to turn back the hands of time, and claiming it’s a key ingredient in skin health.

What If You’re Lacking in Vitamin D?

The quickest way to know for certain is to drop by your doctor. You can request a blood test to see if you’re deficient in Vitamin D. If you are, there are plenty of internal options to choose from, whether it’s supplements or a simple diet change. But, maybe, they may not be the only options for you! Pretty soon, it may be a common option to give your skin a “sunshine boost” even during the darkest of days!

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Source: Jennifer Rock